A Human Centered Intelligence Platform

A Human Centered Intelligence Platform

For Banks

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World's first Empathy Engine

for finance

Singularly transform your bank by intimately understanding users to hyper-personalize banking experience, and most importantly, monetizing user data to boost revenues.

Holistic Analyser

Understand the user holistically by crunching user's financial data in a human centered way by extracting deep behavioral attributes, habit patterns & more from user's financial data to create his unique persona.

Conversational Intelligence

A first-of-its-kind conversational intelligence that calibrates non- financial data like interests, perceptions etc contextually, and facilitates interaction through platforms like Siri, Alexa, Google Home as well as chat.

Path Automator

And finally, enhance the user's finances with one-to-one personalization at scale, done automatically & continuously, while incrementally nudging the user towards optimizing, saving and investing.

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