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1. Find and recover missing revenue

Inefficient practices cause banks and credit unions to lose millions of dollars every year. Could your institution easily prevent extra revenue from slipping through the cracks by looking deeper into its existing customer base?

Once you are onboarded on the network, Bond.AI’s Empathy Engine® will analyze your institution. This process can uncover up to 2% of your total asset size in revenue. That's $16 million for an institution with $800 million in assets. Join now and find out how much money your institution is leaving on the table!

2. Boost profitability by spotting hidden opportunities

They say, if you focus on your consumers you need not focus anywhere else. But do you know what your consumers are looking for from other services or competitors? Are you missing vital products in your portfolio that would satisfy these unmet needs? Do you really grasp what your consumers need?

Once your institution is on the BOND Network, these unknowns will be eliminated, revealing many hidden opportunities. In addition, the solutions necessary to identify and capture these opportunities will also be provided. Access to insights and never-before-seen intelligence will boost the profitability of your institution from day one!

3. Tools to gain new consumers from the outside

Gaining new customers in today’s environment can be challenging. Across the ever-changing and increasingly competitive banking landscape, the cost of acquiring a customer (CAC) is skyrocketing. But not anymore!

By joining the BOND network, our connected system of employer partners will actively assist your institution in gaining new consumers. In addition to building a wider consumer base, you could also receive deposits and loans based on your product's needs and strengths! As a result, your customer acquisition cost is reduced and you can access a pool of consumers when needed. The best part? The financial needs of your employees are taken care of, too!

Receive powerful and detailed insights

Get all the actionable insights to grow your institution and userbase on a single dashboard. You won’t need to look elsewhere!
Identify missed revenue

Instantly identify revenue leaks and get insights to recoup it.

Improve efficiency ratio

Get to know your potential efficiency ratio and enhance it.

Grow deposits

Receive insights to grow and capture deposits the sustainable way.

Grow loans

Learn how to put your deposits to work and improve your LDR ratio.

Uncover hidden opportunities

Discover blind spots and opportunities for growth outside of your institution.

Offer products outside your portfolio

Offer new products at the speed of fintech without any frustrating integration.

Consumer personas & segmentation

Forget propensity models. Get need-based personas for greater conversion.

Insights for your consumers

Get thousands of personalized AI insights for your consumers.

Financial health score

Get your institution's financial health score and insights to improve it.

BOND score

Receive BOND score, a metric that represents consumer's financial health.

Powerful marketing tool

A free tool that connects dots between your needs and boosts conversion.

Gain new users

Gain new consumers at scale from the network's employee partners.

Plans that scale with your needs

There are no complicated contracts or implementation fees. Sign up for a plan that works for you and the needs of your institution.


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Experience the benefits of the network up to 1,000 consumers.
  • Up to 1000 consumers
  • Limited features and insights


All access

Extend up to 20k consumers and get pro level tools and insights.
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  • Up to 20,000 consumers
  • Free consumer insights bot
  • Free marketing tool
  • Pro level insights
  • Gain new consumers


Volume pricing discounts

Ability to customize modules and unlimited consumers.
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  • Unlimited consumers
  • Account management
  • Premium support

Bring your own data or we’ll bring yours

The BOND network gives you the ability to securely upload your data. Alternatively, we can help construct your data by leveraging our existing integrations. Receiving this data is part of your membership and there will be no additional cost.


Industry-standard data encryption

Multi-factor authentication

Multi-core integrated

Join the BOND Network

Powered by the Empathy Engine®, membership to the BOND Network gives your bank or credit union insights to grow profitability and gain new consumers like never before!

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