Your bank’s #1 employee

Bot is the first ever Bank Language Modeling AI assistant that increases sales, improves efficiency and lowers customer service costs. The best part is that it’s also your client’s new favorite teller, sales rep and financial coach all in one.

Bot is your 24/7 customer experience
solution that never clocks out.

Your client’s needs don’t stop at 5 p.m. BOT puts a world of financial knowledge at their disposal wherever they are and whenever they need it.

Chat Champ

Your client has questions, Bot has answers. Bot comes pre-trained with more than 100 popular frequently asked banking questions that can be adapted to your financial institutions answers and branding.

Additionally, it can also be customized with any specific information you might want to include.  

Engagement Expert

Tired of one-way communication with clients? Bot enables you to send your product offers directly to their smartphones. From there clients can accept your offers, ask questions and even open their new accounts. It’s super easy.

Best of all, each interaction is personalized to the individual, which helps improve conversion rates, engagement and builds trust and loyalty.  

Cost cutter

Each client is different, and Bot can empower your team with the information needed to supercharge the customer experience. Bot reduces the strain on your customer service teams by taking care of simple banking questions like bank hours, holiday closings, branch locations and much more.  

This frees up your staff to handle the clients who have more involved queries that need the personal touch.  

Your client’s new best friend

Sure, Bot has benefits for bankers, but clients will love it, too!

Financial coach

Deliver daily insights to clients that help them manage and understand their finances.

Time saver

No more calls and no unnecessary trips to a branch. They have questions and Bot has answers.

Remembers your client

Contextually understands previous client interactions and adapts to requests with historical context in mind

Eliminate Integration

Integrates easily into multiple banking platforms and cores to complete its data modeling. It operates on a sophisticated needs-based model rather than a traditional propensity-to-buy model.  

Bot can be added to your financial institution's website, app or other platform quickly and easily. Our team also manages your content for you and conducts testing. Compliance teams can review text and dialogue to ensure it matches your expectations.  

One more thing...

If your bank has customized needs, our team of NLP experts can help you tailor the Bot for your specific needs, at no cost.

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