Empower your workforce with the BOND Account,
and in turn, financial coaching and even an extra income.
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1. Financial coaching for all

From the break room to the board room, give your workforce access to the best financial services. We set your team up for success and go beyond the paycheck. Our mobile app gives daily financial insights to boost their knowledge and bank accounts. It’s like having a money coach in their pockets! Whether it’s setting up a new savings account or refinancing a car, our Empathy Engine seamlessly connects them to the best financial products exactly when they need them.

2. An insight a day to keep you growing away.

Each day our bot delivers employees personalized insights to help them make the best financial decisions based on their strengths, behavior and immediate financial needs.

You’ve already invested in amazing benefits like retirement plans, but we can help you go beyond traditional benefits. Empower your employees with new income streams by using their own data and behaviors.

3. A super bot as your friendly financial partner.

The BOND Account comes with our signature bot. Employees can treat the bot as their personal financial partner to ask questions about an insight, a financial need or about their future goals.

Our bot allows employees to ask questions ranging from information about company policies to their own financial health. It also offers rapid onboarding to get them into your system and reduce bottlenecks in human resources.

For unexpected and often financially devastating events such as the COVID-19 pandemic, a service such as this will help ease your consumer's financial journey and guide them through troubling times. Chat with it to believe it!

4. A revolutionary autopilot to boost financial wellness.

The BOND account's autopilot is truly a piece of machine learning art. It intricately balances the consumer's needs with affordability, potential and precise timing.

Simply turning it on will optimize a user's finances, apply insights and give them certainty of the ETA of their financial destination. It will help them seamlessly navigate in the toughest conditions.

If the future of finance is autonomous, guess what, the future is already here!

Engage and retain your workforce

The BOND Network gives you the insight to motivate and inspire your team
Measure your impact

See how your efforts improve their finances

Onboard faster

Get them processed with full KYC and AML checks

The BOND Score

A metric to determine an employee’s financial health

Advanced paychecks

Put money in their pockets when they need it

Increase retention

Reduce turnover by up to 76%

Data Monetization

Additional income stream with their own data

Financial coaching

Train your employees to improve their financial lives

Quantify your data

See their progress to show in recruitment

Join the financial wellness revolution!

Built to fit your needs - whether you have 10 employees, 1000 or more, we meet you where you are to give your employees an amazing financial experience towards their financial health.

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