Your Money

Intelligently Amplified


BOND optimizes every dollar you spend.

1. Refinance your loans: BOND lets you lower the interest rates by helping you refinance loans, so that you pay less & save more every month.

2. Get the best credit cards: 69% of Americans use the wrong cards. Out of the zillion cash back, miles cards out there, BOND intelligently helps get the ones that will give you maximum rewards.

3. Get the best deals(beta): BOND's connections with brands ensure you always get the best value, be it on insurances or on shopping.


Based on your goal, BOND calculates how much to save. BOND creates a suitable daily / weekly / monthly plan and helps you go on a savings autopilot.


By optimizing & saving, BOND makes your savings pool larger. To amplify it even more, BOND helps invest your money across stocks, bonds & ETFs to meet your goals soon!

Money Allocation: BOND will suggest to invest only a part of your money, ensuring you always have a surplus cash reserve.

Low risk: BOND also helps you diversify investments across multiple asset classes to counter natural market fluctuations.