A Quantum Leap
in Banking

This isn't a marketing suite, this is a paradigm shift. This is ROM.
Powered by the Empathy Engine 2.0®, marketing, onboarding new accounts and boosting profitability all in one singular product.

Instant insights, endless results.

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ROM isn't changing financial institutions,
it's changing the financial industry.

Stop paying for tools that only do one job. Open more accounts, increase deposit balances, and sell more loans. Contact and convert clients, report wins, boost client engagement. Track analytics and reduce costs. All on one page, for less.

Marketing: Click, Click, Convert.

Identify: ROM gives a deep understanding of your FI and its customers. Our data analysis shows how clients are and aren’t using your products.  

Launch campaigns right from the dashboard, with personalized messages automatically generated to target the right clients and segments. It’s like having a whole marketing agency at your fingertips.  

See clear, easy-to-understand metrics to track efficiency ratios, bank health score and consumer BOND Score, our proprietary metric for consumer financial health.

Do Data Different

Do you know what products your customers use? Where they bank? Where they shop? Make the anecdotal analytical.

ROM shows impactful insights about your customers you might miss. Gain trust and create lifetime customers through our easy-to-use platform. It’s as easy as sending a text.

Amplify Accounts

Do all your checking clients have savings accounts? Are your business clients also using your financial institution for their personal banking? Who has accounts, but is banking elsewhere?

ROM shows you new-account opportunities even with existing clients. It connects their financial lives and empowers you to bring them back into your institution. ROM finds the opportunity to expand your client base even with your existing clients.

Designed by Bankers, FOR Bankers

We understand what you need because we’re bankers, too. Working together, we can revolutionize the industry and your financial institution.

Secure Solution

We're SOC 2 compliant, and we don't need PII to deliver insights created by the Empathy Engine® 2.0.

Core Compatible

ROM delivers powerful insights, no matter what core or platforms your institution uses, so you can focus on growth instead of integrations. In fact, we partner with many core providers to streamline efficiency.

Zero Downtime

Our process is so simple anyone can use it. If you can upload a file, you can use ROM. View templates for products and clients.

Eliminate Integration

ROM integrates into multiple banking platforms and cores to complete its data modeling. It operates on a sophisticated needs-based model rather than a traditional propensity-to-buy model.  

See clear, easy to understand metrics to track efficiency ratios, bank health score and consumer BOND Score, our proprietary metric for consumer financial health.
All without PII or a core connection.

One more thing...

You’re busy. Let us do the hard work. Our premium data concierge service preps your data and eliminates stress. As bankers, we know how difficult it can be to go through vendor management, data collection, and approvals. Let us help you join the data revolution.

We will help you with data warehousing, enrichment, and conversion.

Oh, right: we offer this at no cost.

"I learned more about my clients in 15 minutes than the first three months of research. ROM eliminated the guesswork and made the anecdotal analytical."
- VP Marketing, regional bank chain

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