The BOND Network.

Powered by the world's first Empathy Engine®, the BOND Network is a first-of-its-kind network of financial institutions and employers for truly interconnected finance. It provides singular tools to boost the profitability of your institution and your peoples’ financial health on one supercharged network.

Empathy Engine®
A genuine superpower for consumer financial health.

When data is run through this engine, it creates unique personas for every consumer or a small business of your bank. A persona that connects their behaviors, strengths, potential, needs to holistically understand them, and creates multiple paths to boost their financial lives. This is true interconnected finance. To benefit from the singular power of the Empathy Engine®, integrate the below products:

BOND.AI Products

Powered by Empathy Engine®


Insights about Revenue, Opportunities and Monetizing Data, that will give a powerful boost to profitability by finding opportunities for your institution like never before!


This is the most powerful bot ever built - powered by Empathy Engine 3.0 and ChatGPT integrated! Save on call center while gaining insights about what your customers really want!


The fastest and most personalized account opening module on the planet. Onboard customers in seconds and address their needs from day one. See it to believe it!

This is human-centered AI at its best.

Finance is just one dimension of the user. Our powerful artificial intelligence is capable of gathering non-financial data contextually to create highly accurate personas & proactively look for the well-being of your customers. Our models are not just trained with diverse data sets but also built by our highly diverse group of engineers and scientists.

Minimal to no integration required!

The BOND Network is designed in a way there is no integration required. Our bot and onboarding SDKs are super lightweight and can be integrated into web or mobile applications in as quickly as 13 mins. Yes, you read it right!

How to install your SDKs?

There are SDKs for web, iOS & Android. The installation is simple and efficient. We will work with your online or mobile-banking providers to get it done seamlessly.

Do you store PII data?

No, we don't look at or store any sensitive information such as name, email, legal or mailing address, etc. We communicate via tokens for authentication & all of the data is encrypted.

What is your pricing model?

There is zero implementation fee. We have a SaaS pricing model based on the number of active users every month.

Stunning visual design, too!

Not just beautiful data crunching & conversational AI, you also get stunning UI design both for your customers & back-office teams. GUI or VUI, you will get our award-winning UX framework custom-designed for your institution.

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Ok now, experience the power of the Empathy Engine®

Everything sounds fantastic, but there's nothing like experiencing it firsthand. From the network to the bot to our onboarding solution, you can request access or schedule a demo right away!

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